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Safe working practice has priority over production, quality, terms, and costs. The human beings are largest estate and all will be done to preserve them. Therefore, they will never be submitted to high, imminent risk works, without the appropriate prevention.


The safety responsibility is of everyone, without exception! The performance’s coordinators or supervisors will answer for the results of this policy. The safety sector will carry out this policy with the corporate management’s full support to guarantee the achievement of objectives.


Good results assurance requires constant safety practices. Everyone, regardless of function, will exercise and promote safety on a daily basis.




Metalvix adopts the policy of permanent training investment, procedure improvement, and full compliance of the client’s health, medical, safety and environmental standards, while also providing the necessary conditions for their co-workers to achieve the best activities performance in a safe environment.


Human being valorization, environment preservation, and sustainable growth - strong roots of an each day more solid corporation prepared for new challenges. These are the SMS Integrated Management of Metalvix.

Metalvix Engenharia

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